Toddler Tales

Toddler Tales was supposed to be story time at the library. With bean bags and scarfs to toss in the air while the wheels on the bus went round and round. With right legs to put in, and right legs to put out. So we could shake them all about. And do the Hokey Pokey, because that's what it's all about. That didn't happen. I watched the wild ways never exhibited by my child … [Read More...]


Dear Readers,

If you're wondering where the photo above was taken, it's a winery not too far from where I used to live just outside of Portland, Oregon. Soon, I'll be doing a … [Read More...]


The Fun Parent

I was washing green Jell-O off the cat when my husband came home from work. He slammed his jacket on the counter and said: "I’m tired of going to work all day. I … [Read More...]


8 Reasons Why I Hate the Grocery Store

People suddenly stopping in the middle of the aisle, right in front of me. Grocery shopping with other people in the store is a lot like driving with other people on the road. Those same people then pull out in front of me the second I try to pass … [Read More...]


Bedtime: How My Toddlers Avoid It

I don't know what bedtime is like at your house, but in my house everyone under four feet tall gets a huge surge of energy an hour before they're supposed to go to bed. Ironically no one ever uses this energy to clean up their toys. This surge is so … [Read More...]


Don’t Make Me Count to Three

Don't make me count to three. Because I have no idea what to do when I get there. There's no "one…two... two and a half…" in this house because I'm not a fan of fractions. Let's face it, using percentages to get to three would unnecessarily complicate … [Read More...]


Who Was Saint Valentine?

February, for whatever reason, has always been celebrated as a month of romance. Probably because it's short, and it means less time to bother with gifts and things that are pink. Twenty-eight days is more than enough to rally around a naked baby with wings … [Read More...]