Week 24: The Thickening and The Quickening


I reached the thickening before I was pregnant, but that’s less about pregnancy and more about an insatiable love for junk food. A post for another time. In pregnancy, the term “thickening” is the time when your uterus starts to push your belly fat further forward. Thus resulting in an unwanted jiggle that’s more prominent than before. This leaves the woman in an awkward limbo of “is she fat? Or pregnant?”

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Flying with Toddlers: A List of Useless Suggestions


You cannot stash your small children in the overhead compartment or in your carry on luggage. I don’t think you can. I’ve never actually tried it, but unless your child is wielding a tiny sharp weapon my guess is TSA would probably be fine with it. Let’s be realistic, they don’t exactly employee people with a passion for enforcing airline security. How many TSA agents have you seen throw themselves in front of an x-ray body scanner just because you failed to remove your shoes? [Read more...]

Things I Don’t Understand About the Fair


We went to the fair this past weekend. The fair, like Walmart, is always an interesting place to go. And, like Walmart, there’s a lot I don’t really understand about the fair. For example:

1. Turkey Leg On a Stick
These things are ridiculously large.  There’s no glamorous way to eat one. I don’t recommend them for first date food. Unless you think smeared grease on your face is sexy.
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Week 23: 15 Responses You Don’t Want to Hear From Your OB/Midwife


There are a lot of things about pregnancy most doctors know, and a lot they don’t know. Isn’t that true of any profession? Except maybe working in an ice cream shop, and even then do we really know how the soft serve machine makes the ice cream come out with just the right consistency? No, we don’t.

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The Rules of Dance Class


My kids are finally reaching that magical age where they are old enough to do things outside of the house that are not parent-led. Prior to 3-years old I was required to assist my child in gymnastics. Let me reiterate that I wanted to enroll my child, not myself. Basically all that happened was that she didn’t want to do anything structured and all I wanted to do was lay on the mat by myself for 45 minutes.

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