The Morning Routines of Four Regular Women

1. Kate Parlin, Writer at Shakespeare’s Mom, Non-Morning-Person, and Mom of Three
Check to make sure the twins have extra underwear in their backpacks. They don’t. They do have a plastic eggplant and an acorn…

2. Rachel Cashen, First-Time-Mom of a Newborn Baby
7:00 Shower at warp speed, thinking I hear baby screaming the whole time. Turns out it was auditory hallucinations due to lack of sleep…

3. Katie, A Working Mom and writer at Mom in Leggings
7:30 Clothes are on. Hand her tooth brush, while I start going after her snarled hair with a comb. Two-year-old decides to brush bathroom mirror with her toothbrush. Then decides to brush the faucet with her toothbrush…

4. Christina, A Mediocre Housewife
 Kids jump in our bed then fight over who gets to lay on the left side of Daddy. Daddy escapes into the shower and leaves both girls who are now fighting over who gets the right corner of a blanket…

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Toddler Inspired Fashion


This winter, spring, summer and fall toddlers everywhere are wearing nothing and everything. Sometimes at the same time. In layers. The distinctive and colorful hand printed techniques that cover their hair and face shout “youth” as they stand front and center while jumping on the dining room table.

Here are a few of this year’s biggest toddler inspired fashion hits: [Read more…]

The Art of Cup Peeing


A pregnant woman spends 10 out of 10 doctor visits washing her hands because of urine samples. Peeing in urine sample cups after 36 weeks should be an Olympic event. The sheer amount of skill, and patience that it takes to get anything inside this cup would have to be the result of years of dedicated training.

The trouble with this is the size of a third-trimester belly and the actual lack of size of this cup. It’s like trying to get a single drop of urine on the head of a pin with a blindfold on. The art of cup peeing dates back to whenever they discovered that:

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The First Thanksgiving: A Terribly Inaccurate Summary

Once upon a time, a ship carrying some men, women, and children spent 66 days traveling the Atlantic Ocean. Intending to land where present day New York City is, the group ran into:

  • Windy conditions.
  • Too many kids asking if they were there yet.
  • Rough seas.
  • 56 kids rattling Ziploc baggies, for 135 consecutive miles.
  • Clinically insane amounts of Caillou reruns.

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Quiz: How to Know if You Should Have Kids


A lot of people never seem to know when or if they are ever ready to have kids. The answer to that question is that unless you were born to raise babies, it’s hard to say. I mean, it’s not quite the same as raising cattle or sheep. Although the noises and smells are pretty similar.

So, if you’re someone who has always wondered how to know if you should have kids, here’s a little to quiz to help you out, and see if you’re ready for the demands of parenting:
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Halloween, I’m Not a Fan


Halloween, I’m not a fan.

That’s right. I don’t like it at all.

I’m all for fun Halloween decor. I’m all for my kids dressing up and taking them door to door for candy they can, and will, eat for breakfast. However, I’m not a fan of being scared. Or a fan of the dark. Or a fan of being scared in the dark. Or a fan of Halloween after ten at night, because it’s dark, and that’s most likely the time someone will knock on my door and:
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Baths are overrated: some (sort of, not really) helpful advice for a soon-to-be mom of three

My friend Kate, the mastermind behind the hilariously relatable and often heartwarming blog, Shakespeare’s Mom, was kind of enough to take some time out of her hectic day to answer some questions I had on what it’s really like mothering three children. Here’s our correspondence:

Dear Kate,

With only seven weeks left until my due date, I’ve had a lot of growing concerns over managing three children. Or herding—whatever it’s called at this point.

Having been around this block already, I thought you might be the best person to handle the answers to my deepest parental concerns regarding my husband and I officially being outnumbered by our children. So, if you don’t mind I’ve written a few questions that have been weighing on my mind:

1. How do you take care of the needs of a newborn when it clashed with the needs of your toddlers? Is this one of those times as a parent when it’s totally acceptable to pour cereal on the table and just let your kids have at it?

2. How do you get everyone ready and then have time to get yourself ready? Is this one of those times in life where you just have to get ready after the middle of the night feedings or it’s a lost cause? Is this when Chapstick becomes an acceptable form of lipstick? [Read more…]