The dishes are dirty, the floor needs vacuuming, and it's noisy.
But, the company is warm and I hear the writing isn't too bad either.


Christina has lived in Denver for five years with her husband, three kids, and two cats who still haven’t caught the red dot. Since living here, she's been obsessing over how to bake fluffy cookies at high altitude and trying to predict the unpredictable weather patterns of the Front Range.

When she’s not neglecting laundry, or avoiding the grocery store, she’s writing and making mediocre meals for her family.

I like almost any humor that I did not personally have to produce.

When you write, your own humor never seems funny to you when you're done. It seems very depressing, because you spent so much time over everything, and you're not very secure about it. So you generally end a column thinking, "This is really not a humor column, this is something you would use to console a widow with."

-Dave Barry

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